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JQS Steppex Retrofit

JQS Steppex Retrofit

We make your machines fit for the future!

JQS is specialized in retrofitting and modernization of Steppex multi-needle quilting machines since many years.



New life for old machines.
Adaptable modernize instead of a new to invest. It can be worthwhile of your old machine to breathe "new life" in. Machines get therefore a new customized high tech life.


The benefits are obvious 

A retrofit gives the machine owner the reliability of a new system, but at a significantly lower cost. The function of the machine is ensured for the next years and you now have the option of implementing new technological functions.


  • Greater reliability
  • Higher machine productivity
  • Improvement of quilting quality
  • Less downtimes
  • Guaranteed Spare Parts and Service availability


We will be glad to advise you and work with you to develop a retrofit concept custom tailored to your machine.


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