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 JQS Multineedle Quilting Machine  
JQS Multineedle Lockstitch 75
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Jenny Quiltingsystems - Multineedle Quilting Machine


JQS Multineedle Quilting Machine


JQS Multineedle Quilting Machine


JQS Multineedle Quilting Machine

The JQS Lockstitch is a high-performance double-lockstitch multi-needle quilting machine usable for all aspects of the quilting industry. This machine guarantees highest quality combined with maximum productivity and flexibility in production. The JQS Lockstitch is characterised by being user-friendly, by high efficiency, little downtime and the highest level of operational safety.






The unique material inlet allows the problem-free quilting of ultra thick as well as ultra thin filling components. 3 needle rows, small needle-distance (1”), large carriage displacement, 360° Pattern programming, Pattern-Combination and Tack & Jump combined with a state-of-the-art control system allow almost unlimited pattern possibilities.

With our powerful software for pattern creation you can quickly and easily create your own individual patterns and adapt the more than 300 integrated patterns to your needs.


Latest Servo Drive Technology and precision mechanics guarantees exact 360° patterns and a consistently high level of quality throughout the entire width of the quilted materials.


Robust and sturdy construction, reliable technology and high quality materials ensure high durability and low wear at low maintenance effort. 



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